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Friends TalkingWe are a valuable resource for seniors (59+) and "special adults" (18-59)

It is our goal to assist in finding the most appropriate living arrangements that suit the special needs of seniors and "special adults" in the greater Los Angeles area, or wherever your needs may be. We know how difficult it can be to look for the answers regarding our loved ones.

Our purpose is to make sure that our seniors, the elderly and the loved ones that need us most have the best options to continue to live meaningful, enriched lives.

Our Advantage

We hold a big advantage over national referral agencies. We're here in the Antelope Valley. We know the area. We know the people. Most importantly, we know your options. We've personally visited them. We know who to contact. This local knowledge lets us help you to find the most appropriate arrangements for yourself or your loved ones, far better than any generic national firm. Personal. Local. Free.

Happy Couple

Americana Referral Services can answer your questions and guide you in the right direction

Make one phone call to Americana Referral Services and let us do the research for you. Every individual situation is unique, and we have helped many families with very similar issues. Americana only works with the very best and most appropriate facilities in Los Angeles, Ventura, Kern and Riverside Counties. We know that this is a very emotional time and having help to make the right decisions clearly requires a personal touch and experience that only Americana can provide.

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